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the Awakening Soul



Angel Channel and Energy Healer

I help awakening souls dissolve limiting beliefs and distortions to fully connect to their heart and create a life of flow, passion and purpose. I do this through Angelic Activations, Group meditations and 1:1 Sessions with me.




Time to expand your mind! Learn about the non physical and how to nagivate this journey of yours.

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 Stop banging your head against the wall! Let's bring you clarity so that you can move forward.

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Don't wait! Learn how to connect, communicate and receive messages from your angels.



I help awakening souls like you, who are stuck and feel that they are "off course", become aware of what is going on in their vibrational field so that they can change their vibration to match the life they seek.  I do this through my psychic abilities, primarily my clairvoyance and clairsentience but also my clairaudience.

I look into your energy field, see your matrix, I find the vibrational blockage and show you what your journey is. I listen and I dig to get to the root of your trauma, your past life, your strong belief. I help you see what you can't see and give you the tools to transmute the energy that has held you back.

I teach you how to elevate your vibration and how to become conscious of the frequencies obstructing your abundance. I awaken your soul power through light transmissions so that you can make the changes you need, bring the magic back into your life and gain the clarity you seek.

I channel angelic energies and have been doing this for 12 years now. This energy mostly flows through me in the form of activations, energy transmissions, meditations and channeling. I also conducting angel immersions a few times a year for those ready to fast track their journey.

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"Emmanuelle pointed me in the right direction to clear blockages"

"I had a short FB chat with Emmanuelle that revealed that she had significant communications with & information from the 5th Dimensional and higher realms. Blockages that were disrupting my heart energies, and possibly keeping kundalini from rising. I am still working on the communication she gave me, to clear and transmute fear of abuse and traumatic torture from my cells.”  


I was able to gain clarity on the discomfort I was experiencing"

"When I met you and I asked for your help, I was in a state of disorientation because it seemed that nothing fits anything. Your softly and gentle help, and also the information you provided me about myself, helped me to understand and overcome the mentally and energetically discomfort that I was in. Thank you so much for your help."

- Monica

My connection to self deepened after the session"

"Working with Emmanuelle was a wonderful experience. I immediately felt better, even when I did not consciously know the extent of her help. She helped me on a subconscious level. After the healing, I felt more centered, and experienced my higher self in a more tangible way. Plus, her unconditionally love and acceptance of me allowed me to accept myself on a deeper level.”  

- Sarah