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A space devoted to souls on their unique journey of Ascension.

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Hello, I'm Emmanuelle

Coach, Teacher and Vibrational Healer with the soul purpose of supporting those transitionning from Ego Consciousness to Heart Consciousness.

Why? Because I am on this journey myself. I understand the challenges of shifting from a 3 D reality to a multi-dimensional one. 

Awakening is overwhelming if you do not know how to deal with the energy that is rising within, but it does not have to be that way.

You just need energetic support and tools to navigate these vibrational shifts with serenity and peace.

....and that's where I come in.


A little bit about my journey

When my awakening first began, I was propelled into a state of confusion and disorientation unable to deal with my newly exposed inner wounds. I began to suppress my feelings, and refused to become aware of the deeper parts of me. 

Of course, I had no idea that suppressing this energy would actually give it momentum and intensity. LOL. And so, one night in 2014 a tragic event occured that rocked my world. My heart broke and within seconds, my consciousness expanded at once. Suddenly there were two of me: my human self and my multi-dimensional self.

My soul had jumped into the driver's seat: Clarity, Knowing and Love had filled my energetic pathways.

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I had awakened, the transition to heart consciousness had begun...

My clairs exploded at once and I was now fully aware of the programmings and distortions within myself. I could easily tune into the vibrations of my childhood wounds, past lives traumas and identify the energy of my own beliefs and limitations.

I began to transmute and shift all that I could see and feel within myself. I used that experience and the tools I developed to overcome my fear, doubts and judgment to become a mentor for others.

Over the next three years, I began to give energy session assisting others to identify and transmute their own programming as well as helping souls like yourself understand and navigate the shifts of their awakening with ease and clarity.



 The beauty of your own awakening is that you decided prior to coming here how you wanted to experience it and when. The questions that arise during this process are what bring us together as each of us tries to cognitively understand something that we collectively struggle to put into words. 

As we travel together on this journey, I invite you to take with you what resonates, and to let go of what does not. My experience is one in a million. I am here to share, to guide and to remind you that you chose to come here to experience the love that you truly are. 


If you are ready to let go of the resistance,

to dis-engage from the ego

& step into your multi dimensional self

I believe that you are going to find a new sense of peace,

the validation that what you are currently experiencing is "normal"

and the confidence to move forward on your journey.

xo Emmanuelle

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