Are you ready to create the reality you want to experience?


If Yes! It is time to access your energetic core


 create consciously!


You are energy and everything that is expressed in your reality stems from your energetic core, aka your vibration.

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Here is how powerful you already are:
  • You have a unique relationship with the universe: you two communicate vibrationally.

  • You invite what appears in your reality at all times.

  •  You call forth people, places and situation in your life with your frequency

  • You manifest 24/7: only you decide what is possible.

  • You think and feel everything that shows up in your life.

As a vibrational being living in a vibrational universe,

your energy dictates your reality!

You are a mighty creator with access to unlimited resources
Don't let your energy run the show without you, instead:
  • Bring awareness to your energetic field.

  • Reach out and connect to your energetic core.

  • Understand energy and how it creates your reality. 

  • Learn how to identify the energy that is keeping you stuck.

  • Find out how to alter, transmute and release "stale" energy from your field.

  • Strive to become a vibrational match for the reality you want to experience.

  • Confidently manifest abundance in all areas of your life.

Hi I'm Emmanuelle: Channel, Angeologist and Vibrational Healer

My mission is to teach you how to use your Energy to experience abundance in all areas of your life.


There is no reason to stay stuck and live a life you do not love!


No more looking outside for answers: it is all happening inside.


Find out why your creations are not in synch with your desires.


Align your energy with what you would like to experience.


I am devoted to helping people raise their vibration, change their energy and create the reality they choose to experience.


My life took a sharp turn in 2014 when I experienced a massive vibrational increase overnight. I went from being unhappy and stuck to renewing my vows, moving to a new place and starting my business within 6 months.