Emmanuelle Pries

 Stop "Shooting" in the Dark!

It's time to track down your Vibe...

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Ready to find out what your vibration is telling the Universe?

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Knowing what you vibrate allows you to become conscious of the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that come together to create your reality. 

Once you start tracking your vibrations, you will begin to feel confident in your manifesting and experience the shifts your have been longing for. 

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I'm Emmanuelle

And I am determined - quite frankly obsessed -

With teaching those ready to take responsibility for their energy  - that which runs in the background of their mind generating the flow of success and abundance - to reclaim their power of attraction and set the tone for success!


As vibrational teacher I am here to show you how your state of being dictates your reality – through energetic tools in the form of mp3s, videos, one on one sessions and online courses - so that you become aware of the non physical part of you that creates your experiences and reclaim control of your energy.

I love the way you explain basic knowledge about energy which has never been clear to me before
— Karla Engelman
I am absolutely thrilled that this priceless vibrational memory is coming through your voice
— Deanna Medley

 I am passionate about sharing what I have discovered for myself including what has worked for me and what has not (ah yes, there is so much hidden from our awareness!).

I have also been blessed with an xray vision, this means that I can read your energy field and help you identify the energies that are creating havoc in your manifesting. This comes in pretty handy when you are stuck and overwhelmed.


Thank you for your trust and if you want to know more about me,

check my website here.

xo Emmanuelle