Emmanuelle Pries

Ascension Frequencies Podcasts

are on hold at the moment

Emmanuelle is currently guided to focus on other services.

Feel free to listen to what is available…


Emmanuelle’s podcasts are devoted to your journey of Ascension and the unification of the multi-dimensional You. They are intended to help you anchor higher vibrations of Light and fully step into your Christed self.

She shares high vibrational messages and meditations to open your heart, assist with the integration of your multi-dimensional self and offer practical guidance on how to align with your higher timelines . All transmissions are light coded for the highest benefit of all.

Emmanuelle is a Wayshower and a Light Emissary dedicated to serve those that are ready to unite with their multi-dimensional selves by providing high vibrational content to assist with the activation and embodiement of their higher aspects. You can read more about Here



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