Spiritual coaching and mentoring sessions are one on one sessions with me. We will work together to help you grow, connect spiritually, develop your intuitive abilities, and see life from a grander perspective! These mentoring and spiritual life coaching sessions are used to talk about multiple life situations in addition to spiritual growth and development.


Spiritual Coaching and mentoring are one on one sessions with me. We will work together 

  • Why Do YOU Need Coaching? I can help validate for you, help you to get acquainted with your gifts and your guides!
  • When it comes to life coaching and working with the law of attraction, with the help of your spirit guides we will help to uncover the things that are holding you back, remove blocks, and focus on what is most important in your life! We will work to get you back to enjoying life. You will be working with the universe instead of against it!
  • Spiritual Progression and Development, ask me all the questions about spirit! We will work to hone in on your strongest gifts. We will talk about whats, whys, and hows.We will work with your team to help you to understand spirit and how it all works while doing so safely and at a comfortable pace!
  • Intuitive guidance. You can use these calls to talk about what’s been going on in your own life, where you would like to go, how to get there, whatever you want to discuss! We will work with your guides and mine to find the best answers and guidance to your questions. (Similar to a reading but involves my perspective and more specific subjects.)

Is mentoring for you?

If you are ready to take responsibility for your energy, become clear on what you truly want and who you want to become, if you are willing to do the work it takes to align to the non physical part of you, mentoring may be the perfect fit for you!


This seven week program is designed to help you overcome the beliefs, thoughts and feeling that are preventing you from obtaining the lifestyle you desire. 


This program is personalized to your unique needs. Together we identify what is holding you back, create a plan to meet your energetic needs and give your the tools to maintain your vibration.

Week 1- Energetic Assessment

1 on 1 vibrational session to identify the energy(ies) that are creating that stuck feeling and/or the major hidden belief or pattern that is creating the confusion. This includes tuning into your field and into each energetic center (Chakras). Depending

- PDF emailed to you with full account of what I have seen +