I get it because I have done it and I am still doing it!

When I began to consciously transmute energy that was stagnant in my field, I had no idea that I was actually transmuting programs that had been running for years. Beliefs and limitations that were actually keeping me stuck had been held in place by the frequencies tied to those programs.

The more I transmuted, the deeper I went within. At first it was easy to identify what was keeping me stuck in a loop, but as my vibration rose and my awareness expanded more layers came up for release. I could feel something was "off" but I could not for the life of me identify what it was. The intensity of the emotions that would rise and my inability to comprehend what was going on startled me. I did not like this "game" of hide and seek ( I still don't like it!), and I could not understand why the same "thing/issue" situation would pop up over and over again. 

Although I could "see" within my energetic field and through my parallel lives, I still needed  help from the angels to go deeper than ever before so that I could begin to truly access THE PROGRAM, the main program that has been keeping me prisoner for 50 years.