Next online immersion to be announced


This journey with you and the small group is life changing for me. I cannot express how much I am starting to feel “inside my skin”. It’s finally starting to feel safe. Thank you very much, Emmanuelle. This process with you is what I have been seeking all of this lifetime. Honestly, it is remarkable. And It is also quite a vulnerable time, while I settle into this new place. I truly value the input you have over these next two weeks. Thank you so very much. My best investment ever.
— Lindsey M. New Zealand
THANK YOU so much Emmanuelle It has been such an amazing 3 weeks journey alongside you & I look forward to participating in more. It helps me to become really clear about so many things. Your guided, spot on support & commitment is fantastic. THANK YOU.
— Natasha M Germany
Hi Emmanuelle, I wanted to give you extra feedback on my experience of this course with you. It has been like no other course I have ever done. The shift in me - back into myself - is nothing less than extraordinary. 
— Lesley M. Australia
Thank you Emmanuelle!  I don’t know what else to say! A little sad that it is over! You helped me past a hurdle. I know that that is huge. I really do. I am about clearing as much density as possible. I love you for your earnestness in wanting the best for us.
— Asha K. Malaysia
Well Emmanuelle, I certainly did not expect SUCH a wild ride on all levels. With these tools & support you really are cornering me - I know how powerful I am and have been simply BRILLIANT throughout my life in avoiding to feel. I just managed to quite easily step over this and block. I am amazed by how you are just picking up on this and simply “not having it” in a loving and super guiding manner - so TO THE POINT and so persevering in a loving manner & with the spot on tools, or meditation to achieve just that! I am not saying I enjoyed and continuing to enjoy being coaxed out of my protective area / retreat BUT on reflecting upon some visual & energetic changes within myself, I can truly say, YES I would do it all over again - THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
— Viki M. Germany
Thank you! This morning I woke up with my heart beating really fast, and continued all day... so yeah something is shifting.
— Anja K. Norway
Just reading this (post) brings tears to my eyes. I can already feel the energy, calming, soothing. Looking forward to dive in more deeply. So grateful! Thank you!
— Henriette S. Canada
Amazingly today people saw me and reacted different...they saw felt awesome
— Pam S. USA