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Heart Immersion


a step by step immersion designed to declutter your heart of the energy that is blocking your natural flow of abundance


ARE YOU TIRED OF being stuck on an hamster wheel?

Does any of this sound familiar?


Your desire feels like it is never going to come true.

You’re bouncing back and forth between hopeful and hopeless.

No matter how many courses you take, seminars you attend, or workshop you participate in, you are still stuck in the same old place.

You know something is blocking you but you can't figure out what it is.

You are tired of this.

You know that if you'd just get through this blockage, your life would take off in unimaginable ways. 

IT’S TIME TO roll up your sleeves and take the vibrational plunge!

Picture this: Your energy flow is restored and you are finally moving forward!


The energy that has been blocking you all this time is now flowing freely.

The emotions that were holding this blockage in place are transmuted. 

 You are no longer afraid to move towards your desire.

 You feel different, more assured and you can't believe that you have actually transmuted energy on your own.

 You are relieved (it is doable!) and you are excited to feel your own energetic power.

 You are now confident that anything is possible and this gives you a great sense of peace.

THAT’S WHY I decided to launch this heart immersion:

An energetic immersion that helps you connect to your natural flow of abundance and helps you experience the power of your own energy!

I get it because I've been there.

When I began to consciously transmute energy that was stagnant in my field, I did not know anything about vibrations and I found myself on a roller coaster that took me places I had never been before. The intensity of the ride and my inability to comprehend what was happening energetically startled me. I felt scared and alone. No matter how many books I read or workshops I attended, I did not find the support nor the explication I needed to understand what was happening and why.

I spent many days in fear, going through highs and lows, wondering when the next wave would come, asking myself if I would let it rise.  The only thing I knew for certain was that once the emotions had exited my energy field, an uncanny sense of well being and peace as well as a renewed sense of purpose would overflow my being.

Heart Immersion has been created especially for you

As one who can see the transmutation of vibrations, I have created a program that will facilitate your own transformation


What differentiates this program from others is that I will be there with you every step of the way.

This is not a do it yourself FB group kind of deal. My aim is to fully support you through the roller coaster of your vibrational yo-yo.

Yes, as your energy begins to move, you will experience all sorts of emotions and you may have questions that will require answers.

Although I do believe that everything needs to be felt rather than explained, my experience is that sometimes an explanation greatly speed up your transformation.

Whether you're at the beginning of your journey or right in the middle of it, I will help facilitate the transmutation of the energies that have kept you stuck so that you can reconnect to your flow of abundance.


Join me on this powerful Three Weeks Online Immersion, here is what is included:

A weekly activation designed to provide you with the energetic support you need.

  • This will be done by me remotely at the beginning of each week.

A weekly meditation packed with sacred geometry to help you activate, release and integrate energy.

  • Your heart is a vortex of sacred geometry and plugging yourself back into the sacred geometry of the Universe will facilitate your transformation.

A private FB group to facilitate our communication and the opportunity for you to mingle with others

  • This is your space to ask and receive. I will check in every morning and answer all of your questions so that you get the support you need and gain the clarity you seek.

A limited number of participants

  • My aim is to give each participant individual attention as well, this is why I have limited the number of participants to 12.


Here is the Heart Immersion process week by week and what you can expect:

Week One: Activation

Deep cellular memories to rise 

Emotions tied to these memories to ascend 

Physical body to feel these emotions

Profound connection to the non physical part of you

Week Two: Release

The release of judgement 

The letting go of past experiences and attachements

Moving into self love and forgiveness

Feeling a new sense of peace

Moving into a neutral vibrational state

Week Three: Integration

Deeper connection: Allowing and Receiving the greater you

Awareness of your own energy: More clarity and Knowing.

Emergence of your essence: Inspiration to take action with confidence.

Greater connection to the universe: Accelerated manifestation.


Don't waste another day. 

 Stop the wheel of confusion, overwhelm and frustration.

 Stop telling yourself that life is happening to you and it is the way it is.

 Stop the suffering and the unhappiness.

 Stop listening to others and taking clues from the outside.

 Enroll in Heart Immersion and start moving towards your dreams with confidence!

If you are ready to declutter your vibrational field, you are going to love Heart Immersion!

This Immersion is for you if...

 You want to find out what is blocking you.

 You want to feel hopeful and confident again.

 You want to transmute the energy that in the way of your desire.

 You want to know a deeper connection to your higher self.

 You want to expand your awareness.

 You want to access your own wisdom.

 You want to feel your own flow of abundance.

You want to be in control of your energy.




I'm an energy healer, teacher and vibrational expert who helps those ready to transform their lives to connect, and to fully align to the non physical part of them- their energy - that creates all of their experiences.

I create online courses and provide teachings that support your energetic expansion, allowing for a deep understanding of your vibrational nature and I offer tools that will free up the energy that is preventing you from experiencing the reality you currently dream of.

As a seeker who became aware of her non physical self at once during a life altering experience in 2014, I know how crucial it is to bring you teachings that will increase your awareness of your own energy so that you manifest your goals easily and with confidence. 

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Enrollment for this course is closed

Doors will open again in 2018.

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