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7 activations: from resistance to surrender

Let go of the resistance and embrace your truth in 7 days

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And let go of the resistance that is blocking the flow of your awakened energy inside?

If yes, you are in the right place!

Each activation is layered with high vibrations intended to help ease the pain and bring you home to you.

To enable you to reach and connect to your place of power and knowing. 

From there you will be able to open up to your connection to source and step into your vibrational power.

I will lead you through these processes, step by step, one track at a time.

This is not a one time experience, you can listen to these tracks over and over again allowing for a deeper connection to self each time.

Emmanuelle’s tracks will take you through your life, from your childhood to your adulthood, triggering and shifting what needs to come to your awareness.  It does not matter if you have been on this journey for a long time like me, or if you are just at the beginning of your awakening, the infusion of light you receive is truly transformational and groundbreaking. 

— Karla Engemann, Germany

Hop on this journey if you are:

  •   Struggling to live your truth

  •  Feeling that life is happening to you

  • Powerless and overwhelmed in spite of “working” on yourself

  • Tired of searching, pushing and trying to understand “the whole vibrational thing”

  • Feeling alone and unsupported on your journey

  • Unsure how to further raise your vibration and expand your awareness

And if you would like:

  • To really "feel" the part of you that knows itself as love

  • To open up your energetic pathways to  more light

  • To reclaim your I AM power

  • Confirmation that you are a being with a Higher Mind and a Higher Self

  • Confidently connect to your knowing and to your truth

  • To free yourself from limitations and release drama

  • More joy, abundance and love in your reality



From Resistance to Surrender

Each day for 7 days you'll receive a new activation right in your inbox!

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To further connect to the part of you that is source.

The deeper you connect, the easiest it is to live your truth.

To become aware of your own resistance.

No more discomfort, learn to identify and transmute the programmings that no longer serve you.

To fully step into your power.

Shift your mindset from victim to creator & take responsibility for your creations.



Make yourself comfortable and get ready to listen to 7 FREE days of high vibrations

Here is what you will recieve  each day:


Day 1 - Know yourself as a Vibrational Being

  • Open up total connection to source
  • Feel into your vibrational self
  • Know yourself as light

Day 2 - Open your energetic pathways

  • Unclog your energetic pathways
  • Release fear
  • Remove filters holding beliefs

Day 3 - Shift childhood's imprints

  • Open up to your creator self
  • Release childhood filters
  • Reclaim your I AM power

Day 4 - Reclaim your authentic self

  • Free yourself from limitations
  • Release drama and trauma
  • Reclaim your divine self

Day 5 - Clear beliefs from your lineage

  • Release your parents limitations
  • Clear beliefs of lack
  • Release your parents emotions

Day 6 - Discover yourself in parallel realities

  • Meet more of your energetic self
  • Transmute energetic imprints
  • Navigate through space and time

Day 7 - Anchor yourself as a creator

  • Align with your higher mind
  • Anchor this new energy here
  • Maintain the connection
I am absolutely thrilled that this priceless vibrational memory is coming through your voice.
— Deanna Medley

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