Emmanuelle Pries


Personalized support to steer 

you back to greatness

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 Choose guidance and help instead of frustration and loneliness.

You do not have to do this alone!


  • Spiritual coaching programs and mentoring sessions are one on one sessions with me

  • We work together to help you expand your consciousness so that you can shift into greater awareness and integrate more light into your physical vessel.

  • These mentoring and coaching sessions are meant to give you the tools and teachings you need to navigate your ascension journey with ease and serenity.


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To help you identify and transmute programmings hidden from your current awareness.

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"Hi Emmanuelle, I wanted to give you extra feedback on my experience of this program with you. It has been like no other course I have ever done. The shift in me - back into myself - is nothing less than extraordinary." Lesley M.
"This journey with you is life changing for me. I cannot express how much I am starting to feel “inside my skin”. It’s finally starting to feel safe. Thank you very much, Emmanuelle. This process with you is what I have been seeking all of this lifetime. Honestly, it is remarkable. And It is also quite a vulnerable time, while I settle into this new place. I truly value the input you have over these next two weeks. Thank you so very much. My best investment ever."


Is mentoring for you?

If you are ready to take responsibility for your energy, become clear on what you truly want and who you want to become, if you are willing to do the work it takes to align to the non physical part of you, mentoring may be the perfect fit for you!

I offer three Mentoring Options

  • Option one: 1 Session

  • Option two: 4 Sessions

  • Option four: 8 Sessions

These mentoring sessions are one on one sessions with me to work through basically anything you want related to your awakening.  I am offering these sessions at the request of my readers who want to go in a less structured direction than the wake up intensive and need guidance about multiple life situations in addition to vibrational expansion and progression.

Each call will last up to an hour and a half. You can schedule the sessions however you would like and up to two calls per week! I conduct my sessions via Zoom which allows me to record our sessions for your benefit (if you want!) These calls are personalized to your unique needs and are designed to meet your energetic needs - whatever they are - and give you the tools to maintain your vibration.

"It is extremely difficult for me to find the words that adequately express the revelation that these sessions have brought me. I have discovered the depth of my soul, reconnected with my innate power of creation…. I now understand and accept the vastness of my divinity. I do not know how to thank you Emmanuelle, my life is transformed.” Henriette C, Quebec

Here are some examples of how you can use those calls:

+ Energetic Reading: You can use a call to have me tune in the area of your life that is causing you discomfort and together we work to find out the energetic cause of your discomfort.

+ Coaching in one particular area of your life: Feeling stuck and frustrated? Together we assess the energies that are blocking you and I provide personalized tools for you to transmute your blockages so that you can restore your energy flow and move forward with your life.

+ Aligning with your dream: Looking to align your vibration with the frequency of your desire? Together we look at what is holding  you back and devise an energetic plan suited to your needs to help you shift into alignment.

+ Energetic Progression and development: You can use those calls to discuss what is going on in your life and together we will find the best guidance to your questions, or we can discuss any topic you would like. This can be however you want and does not have to adhere to any program or course I offer.

“Emmanuelle, The energy that you transmit to hold the space is so incredibly powerful and loving all at the same time. I felt embraced by the energy while stepping into my higher self and connecting with the All there is. Thank you Thank you Thank you for being such a powerful conduit” Brigitte S. Florida.