Hello Sweet Soul and welcome to my angel page

The angeology I teach is based on the Essenes philosophy, this is why some of the information you will find may differ from what you already know. The way I describe Raphael’s energy for example may vary from the description of someone else’s. In truth, this is not important because when you connect with angels you connect vibrationally: you build a bridge from your multi-dimensional self to the angelic realm.

Due to the nature of this connection, the level at which you connect is directly linked to your overall frequency and your belief system. Hence, the information and energy you receive perfectly matches your level of consciousness. This is the reason why souls who channel angels often differ in their messages and you will find that as your consciousness expands, your connection to the angelic realm will too.

About Angelic Energy

Angelic Energy is very powerful, this is why I love to channel it. When you immerse yourself in angelic energy, you are connecting with the purest light there is and depending on the angel you are working with, you choose the exact type of energy you would like to feel in any moment. The frequencies you then receive are laser focused and more concentrated than if you just channel “energy”. It is like syrup versus juice.