Vibrational Self Care

Good morning beautiful Souls!

The week has started on a high energetic note for me, I was totally wiped out yesterday and apart from the school runs, I stayed in bed unable to do anything.

I say high energetic note because when activations are at play, our bodies need time to release/integrate and this means sleep. If you are not going to listen – that used to be me – and keep on going, your universe is going to make you so exhausted that you will not have a choice but to lie down and sleep.

I know… the guilt. Right?

But honestly, if you are conscious of your ascending journey, you have to remember that you are moving from a 3D operating system to a 5D operating system and this means that you have to learn to navigate as a vibrational being, so we are talking taking care of our own ENERGY/FREQUENCIES.

Just as you can’t open your heart from your mind, you can’t listen to your frequencies (your own energy) through your mind.

You are going to have to listen to your body and it will talk to you through your feelings. So honor what it tells you. Do not let your human interfere with what your heart is telling you.

It is going to be difficult at first because you will have to say no to people and yes to you. You are going to feel really triggered – and this is the great thing – because your universe is going to show you all the parts/time when you are not honoring yourself, so put your seatbelt on: the journey is only starting!

It gets easier as time goes on because every time you will be honoring yourself you feel at peace. This peace is your alignment and it is going to feel SOOOOOO good, that you are going to strive to be in alignment with you.

You are going to detach from potential vibrational conflict – other people’s opinions on your choices – and take care of your vibration.

Because this is YOUR journey and VIBRATIONAL SELF CARE is no longer an option.

Have a great week <3