Integrating the new

Last Saturday brought such high vibrational codes that I experienced a very strong rapid shift within, and this time I was able to notice the difference nearly right away.

If you have ever been to London and have watched the “changing of the guards”, this is how I could best describe the change that took place. I sensed that my multi-dimensional mind had expanded at once bringing with it a completely new level of awareness. It felt as if a huge chunk of my ego had dislodged itself and disappeared in the light codes that had swept through me.

I felt excited and “high”, the way we feel when we experience a sudden frequency boost. All this creative energy started to pour out of me and my hand was not fast enough to write down all that my higher aspects were communicating.

But this is something that we all experience when we integrate new frequencies and the alignment with this higher energy IS what makes this journey so fun and magical. As I was focusing on the joy I felt, I was not actually aware of the integration that had actually taken place until it became clear that my energy, my universe could no longer “tolerate” certain frequencies.

Okay, so we all have moments when we notice energies around us that are discordant but this is different. These frequencies are loud. In fact so loud that hearing them feels like the sirens of an ambulance. Feeling them is even worse, it feels like someone is hijacking your nervous system.

So here I am talking to someone while my whole being is going haywire, my mind is confused and I have no idea where this is coming from. Until a few minutes later, something kicks in within and “OMG… of course… I am hearing this person’s programs and distortions…”

Feeling distortions is something most of us feel at this point, but now the distortions are SCREAMING… I know, crazy…

This new update, this new system literally takes my breath away.

It is crazy good, exciting, yet another way of being we must get used to.

And so here is to the CRAZY, the FUN and the BEYOND OF THE ORDINARY STUFF…

Here is to TRANSCENDING our limits and beliefs....

To the JOY and the MAGIC…

This is the GIFT, one of the many PERKS of our multi-dimensionality

May we continue to embrace all that is coming our way with an OPEN HEART.

With LOVE,