Higher Frequencies

Good morning everyone,

Saturday the energies went up a notch and my ears have been buzzing ever since. A deep buzzing which at times makes me feel that I am on an airplane taking off. When this happens my being feels like it is being recalibrated and as the higher dimensions are making themselves available, my human is trying to adjust and accommodate to this photonic light entering my field.

This morning as I was reflecting on the light coming in, I became aware of my new “playground”. I could actually feel the availability of brand new timelines that were not accessible to me a few days ago. This is HUGE. I do not know what they look like but they make my heart soar and my human already feels obsessed with something much greater than himself, that he can not grasp nor see.

The frequencies that these timelines hold are out of this world and if our human is still preoccupied with the WHAT and HOW, these timelines are going to be out of reach. Until the WHAT and the HOW become visible, we must approach these frequencies with surrender and let them integrate our vessel with TRUST.

My universe showed me this morning the importance of INTENT and this is what I wanted to share with you. With this amount of photonic light, photons, electrons moving so fast we have to stay FOCUSED and stay with these frequencies so that we can activate our higher timelines.

A good way to start is to get into your heart and to set your intention. Call in for your highest alignment. You want to ask for the highest outcome for you and any person that is going to be involved in those timelines You want to bring those timelines forth, but they will need to align with you, so you will have to ask over and over again until you feel alignment is occurring and surrender.

Remember to stay in your heart as much as you can. Just as you can’t open your heart from your head, guidance from your head is not guidance. It is your ego. Guidance from your heart IS guidance.

Have a great week and Happy alignment <3