Aligning with galactic frequencies

Galactic frequencies are kicking in really strongly as we are getting ready for the embodiement of our galactic selves. For those that are ready, embodiement is imminent and much is going to be happening over the next few days.

It began this morning for me as I started to align with galactic frequencies during meditation and could see multiple versions of self moving very quickly through my physical body. This took place at an incredible speed and I could distinguish all sorts of shapes and frequencies anchoring themselves in my physical vessel.

Embodiement of our galactic selves has started. For those that are ready, surrender to the process as this is only the beginning.

You will feel a great sense of joy and detachment at the same time. The joy is the deep reunification with YOURSELF, it is the union of multiple versions of you in this body. There are no words to describe the emotions that rise when these frequencies enter your awareness.  This is an ongoing process and this greater alignment is going to push you into higher energetic realms and this may cause “emotional tsunamis” to suddenly erupt.

 Although the energy coming forth to be transmuted is linked to distortions and programs you still hold within, you will have the ability to see those programs and you are given the choice to choose another timeline. It is imperative that you let go of old timelines and that you now choose the highest timeline you can possibly choose. Those will be shown to you, you will know with your heart what you need to do, so work with the energy present and make a choice accordingly.

Higher timelines are timelines generated from love and compassion.  This requires a certain emotional mastery and the ability to center yourself over and over again throughout your day so that you can choose from the heart at anytime.  It is a bit of a challenge at the beginning as we often re-act to events in our life, and make quick decisions, or say things without realizing that we are not in our hearts, but it gets easier with time.

Talking about timelines, we are also asked to let go of other people’s timelines. This is necessary and it particularly applies to our loved ones, timelines we share with our loved ones are intricate and we must begin to ‘detangle” our energy from those we cherish with love. At the physical level it means surrendering the need to judge and control their journey but more importantly letting go of the need to take on their “stuff”. This can be challenging particularly if you have children. I am shown that worrying creates an energetic rope that keeps the ones we love in a vibrational loop that is neither high nor uplifting. We have got to let go of the realities that are not ours and we honor the creations or our loved ones with love whatever they may have chosen. This is really important. We must begin to honor each other at a deeper level, even more so when your loved ones are not awakened yet! ( I will do a podcast on how to deal with this soon).

 Whatever you feel during this embodiement it is important that you listen to what your physical body needs, because it is holding that energy for you. Eat what you are guided to eat and stay away from the foods and drinks that keep your vibrations low. Again, this is going to be different from everyone as this depends on where you are on your journey and how you manage your energy. You will find that your energy is going to dictate what you need to put into your body in every moment. If you are not already doing so, get to know your needs as they are going to change from moment to moment. This is normal.

 Enjoy those galactic frequencies and rejoice at this beautiful alignment.

 With love