Timeline Collapse

I woke up this morning with the vivid remembrance of timelines/stories. Some of my oldest timelines all woven together, merging with one another, creating this intricate patchwork of places and people that have no apparent connection. My stories no longer matched, they were/are distorted and there is no beginning and no end.

The frequencies of these realities have been extremely loud and this has “haunted” me all day. I have been struggling to concentrate and throughout the morning other timelines have been popping into my consciousness like popcorn. I will not pretend that I liked it, it felt like my consciousness was ALL over the place and that I had suddenly been hijacked by these timelines who have taken over my multi dimensional mind.

This vibrational mambo jumbo was giving me a headache, and I could feel its weight on my physical vessel. I was exhausted and I couldn’t focus on anything. As I laid down, hoping to sleep and integrate whatever was going on, I saw all the timelines moving together in a dance. My internal matrix was full of the old and I stood right there at the edge of it all.

This is when my arcturian self whispered to me: JUMP! As if I had been instructed to let this vortex of old timelines gain momentum without me. “Time is up” Timelines ARE collapsing – at an alarming rate – (this is probably why I felt slightly dizzy and had a headache) and I needed to get OUT of the way.

I could see the new and while standing at the edge of the old, I could observe it “rage” vibrationally. My childhood, my relationships, my jobs, my health and all those stories my human has/had experienced in this physical reality so far, all woven together. I could see the photons and electrons moving so rapidly and I waited.

“The collapse is imminent.”

I continued to observe, and as my earthly timelines began to dissolve I felt my consciousness being pulled into this “vortex” ,yet my arcturian self yanked me right back into this moment.

“Here, stay here. Let it go.”

This letting go feels huge for my human and I am not sure why. “ Time to let go of the linear” I hear.


“Yes. Time to let go of the linear”


“No but. You can’t talk about multi dimensionality and hold on to the linear.”

This time (lol) The joke is on me.