The hum of the Divine

The energy has been off the charts for the last few days. So much photonic light provoking loads of movement within. A few months ago this would have had me on my knees but right now I am flying with it. Do you all feel that?

For me this means the last bits of programming are leaving my vessel at an alarming rate – loving it! – and I can see the new matrix that is taking hold inside of me. Beautiful beyond measure, I do not have words to explain what is happening because all of this is very deeply felt.

Yet something brand new is emerging within as well.

It caught my attention a few times last week. A new frequency, very soft, very pure emerging at times when I am relaxed. It feels like this: a profound stirring of the heart, so profound that I have to stop what I am doing at that moment to LISTEN. It is not bliss, it is not joy, but ohhhh it is super powerful and brings tears to my eyes every single time. It lasts a few seconds and goes again. In human terms, I would call this the biggest heart opening there is.

Last night I was reading a book in bed, fully immersed in the story and ohhh… here it came again. My heart soared and bam! I felt the rush of this frequency, so beautiful, so pure. I closed my eyes for a few seconds until it went. But this time it kept coming back again and again.

Wow… so this morning as I was in the shower I recalled these moments wondering what this was – this is SO different in terms of frequency from anything that I have ever felt - and why it is suddenly happening all the times. I heard loud and clear:


Omg… I immediately understood. This frequency bandwidth…is…. My connection to source and now that I have cleared a massive amount density within I can HEAR it..No way my human said... YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is faint but it is there. It blows my mind and cracks my heart wide open. It is unbelievable because this high frequency holds so much peace and purity. A purity of intent that pulsates within each of us. A bandwidth that is so powerful defying all beliefs and limitations while encompassing all of our higher aspects.

It is the HUM that unites all of us.

It is the LOVE that we are and the LIGHT we emanate.

And so it is....