Embracing the "lows"

The process of integrating photonic light requires that we embrace the “lows.” We all love the “highs” these codes bring and yearn for them, but the “lows” are equally as important as they bring with them the pieces of the puzzle that are still missing.

Some of you may feel that you have had it and that you can’t take it anymore. This too is part of the process. For some, that is what it is going to take to break your resistance. Resistance is normal but it does not serve you. It only gives more energy to that which you do not want to feel/see. So whether you are angry, sad, annoyed and/or uncomfortable, sit with it and welcome it with Love.

Welcoming it with love means to surrender, to completely surrender to this energy and to let it express itself. Sometimes it is going to require that you spend your whole day feeling uncomfortable, that you shake with fear with your teeth chattering like crazy, that you ball your eyes out and/or that you drive on the freeway the window open and screaming out all of your pain (by the way, that is one of my favorite way to release when I feel it is all too much for my human).

And it is going to happen over and over again. Why? Because the deep programs you hold in your cells have many layers that need to be transmuted. So yes, it will feel like the same thing is happening again because it will look like it is the same story. But it is not, a story has many vibrational aspects to it and you will have to clear the density of each aspect. You will transmute one layer at a time and each layer will bring you a new level of awareness, one that you need to integrate.

That integration is the gift you have been looking for. It is that which lifts the veil a tiny bit more and lets you see what you could not see before.

But once you accept this process and the speed at which your own journey evolves without judgment and comparison, you will welcome all triggers, discomforts, and programs because you will know that they hold a piece of the puzzle that you are still seeking. With time it will become your new normal and you are no longer going to ask why. You are going to ask “show me” that puzzle piece that is still hiding within. You are going to seek it with faith and love, for you will know without a doubt that these pieces you are gathering one by one are the way HOME back to you.

And so it is.

Have a great start in the week 
xo Emmanuelle