Vibrational Resonance

When you are committed to your ascension process your universe is going to take the lead and send you all that you need for the journey. This is what it means when you say that your universe has your back. It means that you are going to be activated like “crazy” and the more you actively participate in these activations in releasing and transmuting the lower frequencies from your physical body, the more you are going to be activated.

Activations come in many forms and a lot of us purchase activations from souls who inspire us. Some of these come into the form of mp3s, crystal grids, light language and more. We know when we need them and our universe always guides us to the right people at the right time. Often we reach out to these activations when we feel the need for higher frequencies and when we engage with those vibrations it is conscious.

But our universe does not stop there. We are constantly being triggered, upgraded on a daily basis. As vibrational beings, every single time we engage with a place, person or situation an “energy transaction” takes place. Most of us are oblivious to it although a major point of this whole journey is to become fully aware of our vibrations so that we can consciously navigate within our vibrational universe.

Also, in order to support us, our universe is going to keep sending us OPPORTUNITIES that we may like or not like, in the form of experiences to open our hearts. Many of us resist and do not surrender because our ego still wants to control how we feel and when it wants to let go. But this is not how it works in the multi-dimensional “arena”.

Our higher self leads us to situations that are going to be perfect for us, experiences that are exactly tailored to our own vibrational expansion.

How amazing is that?

We are going to be activated at times when we the least expect it. If we pay attention and surrender immediately, we get to navigate into the unknown, into the depth of our distortions with love. Surrendering means letting the energy do its work. This is the beauty of it, there is nothing for you to do other than FEEL.

And so last night my ears began to buzz really loudly when Hélène Grimaud hit the first notes on the grand piano. The concert hall was packed and as she began to play my heart opened wide, so wide that my body began to vibrate. I have listened to her a thousand times but seeing her live was a completely different experience altogether.

Within 15 minutes of the concert I had reached another layer of distortions within my being, stories began to surface into my awareness. I decided to “go for it” and completely surrendered to the emotions that were surfacing. The high-pitched frequencies buzzing in my ears coupled with the musical notes of Satie, Chopin and Debussy were a feast for my senses.


As my awareness expanded I could SEE her light codes, her vibrational frequency, I could SENSE her vibrational signature and how deeply connected she is to her heart.

It was beyond magnificent.

A whole new vibrational experience for me.

And this is how we roll peeps. This is how we trigger, ACTIVATE each other. Trust that your universe is going to bring you to the right people and the right places at the appropriate time. Know that it is ALWAYS attempting to reunite you with your own heart. Don’t judge the experience, feel into it. It does not matter what others are doing and/or experiencing. This is YOUR journey and you will have your own activations specially tailored to your vibrational expansion.

So put your feelers out, keep your heart open so that you can receive consciously at any time what your universe is bringing you.

Focus on RESONANCE because that is KEY to your vibrational expansion.