Integrating your galactic aspects

About ten years ago I remember attending a workshop where the teacher asked us if we knew where we came from. In other words, she wanted us to figure out our galactic heritage and who we were. The whole idea freaked me out. My human had no interest nor did it want to be galactic. It seemed that I was the only one in the group, as everyone began to declare with pride where they came from and of course I received plenty of unsolicited advice as who people thought I was. I remember telling myself, these people are crazy.

A few years later as I was practicing some healing “moves” from a course I was taking, my clairvoyance expanded at once and I saw that I was surrounded by stunning beings. The vibration of their presence was so high that I fell on the floor and could not stop weeping. I thought I was crazy because this could not be real, yet it felt more real than this reality. Their love had cracked my heart open.

Confusion set in, yet as the days went on, the Pleidians kept coming into my field and I began to be able to sustain their high frequency for longer and longer periods of time. They became “part of my reality” and soon enough I would connect with them on a daily basis. I had absolutely no idea that I was connecting to a part of me, a frequency of mine that resided in another dimension

So one day as I am connecting with them: nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was as if they were gone. I could not see nor feel them. Worried, I got up, went into my office and began to work. As I was typing I felt this presence inside of me and the frequency was so high that I had to stop what I was doing and close my eyes. In that moment I saw my hands, wait… they were not my human hands. My heart skipped a beat and I began to scan my whole body, I was dressed as a pleidian, I WAS A PLEIDIAN…


It is not something I understood at the time. I could not share it with anyone for fear of being labeled as a crazy woman. But this was before 2012 and the energy was different. So at the urge of my higher aspects, I am sharing this experience with you today because YOUR galactic aspects are now coming ONLINE. This is no longer an isolated experience it is becoming the norm and it is an integral part of your ascension process.

Your ego is going to try to convince you that this is crazy and weird and it is right because this is HOW it is going to feel for your human. Everyone is going to experience this integration in THEIR OWN WAY and your universe is going to bring it to you in a manner that your human understands. My experience is just an example of what is possible and currently taking place in thousands.

Let yourself be blown away for the LANDINGS have begun