Fasten your seatbelt!


The energies are very strong and will gain more momentum with the full moon tomorrow. Those of you who are still resisting, you will need to fasten your seatbelt and prepare yourself for intense emotional upheaval. Timelines are collapsing at a rate that is uncanny and everything that is “toxic” within you, all the vibrations that do not support your ascending self are going to roar and come into your awareness in an abrupt manner.

Time is up for many, this means that you no longer have a choice not to deal with what is going on inside. That which you do not want to think about, that which you do not want to face, well, it is coming up anyway. So either you get with it and deal with what is inside or you are going to be “forced” to deal.

When your universe forces you to deal, it brings you a reality that is going to break your heart because only when your heart is truly broken, are you going to go inside. My world brutally collapsed in 2014 and I saw my heart break in a million pieces, trust me, I know what this feels like. Wondering why so many are diagnosed with a terminal illness these days, why entire worlds are collapsing for some ( losses: job, relationships, financial issues, etc..)?

The message is the same for everyone: GO INSIDE – OPEN YOUR HEART.

You are asked to step up. Timelines are collapsing/collapsing/disappearing/shutting down at an alarming rate, I can feel/see it in my own life all the time. It feels like having little volcanoes inside that have been dormant for a long time and suddenly awaken. You can't control your realities, this no longer works.

Use your INTENT and prepare yourself emotionally to release and let go. If you are able to let go of the control and trust that what is arising is for your highest good, your ride is going to be a lot smoother. Your universe does not care if you like it or not. From its perspective, this is all energy, and in order to come into balance, frequencies will have to be expressed.

Observe what is coming up for you over the next few days and ask to be shown the higher purpose in all that you experience. Alone this awareness is going to help you shift and let go of victimhood. Remember all that you see and experience outside of you ARE the frequencies you hold inside. They are shown to you in FORM in the physical so that you can wake up and step up.

Be kind to your self and please…please…do not judge yourself through this process..

I love you