222 Light Codes


 Hello Sweet Souls,

Experiencing these 222 Light Codes is like nothing I have ever experienced before.

The light is pushing at cellular level, nothing is left unturned, no more waiting allowed, what is not aligned is coming up for you to feel and to deal with.

If you resist/refuse to experience this energy your reality is going to become “Hell” on earth. What does this mean? Everything that is EGO based: every thought, every belief, every action that holds the lower frequency of lack/fear mentality is going to show up in your reality in a way that is going to be SO uncomfortable for you so that you are going to be forced to pay attention to it.

This is going to show up at the physical level in such a way that you will no longer be able to avoid it, ie: things breaking down, unexpected bills showing up, friendships collapsing, old dramas resurfacing, etc….

The overwhelm you will feel is your system attempting to rid itself of the toxicity of the lower vibrations that are currently still held in your cells. We are going for deep, really deep cellular clearing. We are going for the embodiment of the new cosmic being.  We are returning to purity.

 These codes have hit me very deeply as well and I am currently watching layers of judgment and ego based beliefs rising up to my consciousness. I finally see the prison my ego has eradicated around me. Is it frightening? Absolutely because these walls have been invisible to me until now.  Yet letting these walls crumble has allowed me to see beyond them and here is what lays deep deep deep inside of me: purity and grace. This is what is laying inside of you too.

So shift your perspective and to embrace those codes.  Your multi Dimensional Self wants to come fully online and it can only do so if you get out of these linear constructs. Your whole being wants to go back to its pure and divine state.

Take your time to feel through these updates and activations. They are HUGE. If you do not know what to do, focus on SURRENDERING to this energy, the light codes will do the rest for you.

Your human is going to jump back into linear thinking wanting explanations and even plunge into despair if the energy becomes too overwhelming. THIS IS NORMAL. Our human can’t begin to comprehend what is at play so don’t waste your energy trying to comprehend this because there is no logic, there are no answers that are going to be good enough for your human.

You will know when your vessel integrates the codes. You will feel a sudden sense of peace and your emotions will calm down again.

 Remember that you are becoming a new human and this process takes time, so go at your own pace and know that you are not alone.


Blessings to you all