The pillars of New Earth

When you truly align with your highest timeline and choose to express that vibration, you are faced with a challenge: what do you call yourself when you are called to share with others that which you are experiencing at a multi dimensional level? How do you describe what you do and what you came here to do in a way that will resonate with souls who seek guidance?

A healer? No, healing is of the past. Something we all believed in years ago and as our consciousness expanded we realized that "healing" is the word we used to describe the process of awakening, but healing is not what is happening. 

So I opted for Wayshower because it was the only word that resonated with me from a vibrational point of view. And yet, something was still missing so I asked for guidance and while meditating I heard very clearly " you are a New Earth Emissary".  

That frequency hit me like a truck and my whole body began to vibrate. WOW! “New Earth Emissary” I repeated out loud, this felt so right. 

While bathing in that frequency I began to recieve a download after which I heard the word "covenant". I had no idea what that meant, okay my english is pretty good, but now and then I still am confronted with new words I am not familiar with.

So I googled it. And I understood. The feeling that came over me and those high vibrational pitch in my ears brought me to a much higher timeline: the one where we ALL unite together to create a "New Earth Covenant". My human was completly overwhelmed with the frequencies that it was experiencing. This was a vibrational matrix of the highest light, one that contains “New Earth Core Values”. 

 New Earth Core Values?



These are the first ones I heard. There is more. 


Can you imagine what it would be like to be greeted with love and compassion in all that you do? To be honored by others no matter what your choices were? To be able to express your essence with ease at all times? To be met exactly where you are regardless of your level of consciousness and without judgment?


 Embody that energy I heard, these are very powerful frequencies


 These are the "pillars" of New Earth I heard again


 Do you understand what this is about?


I felt such reverence and began to weep.

Sometimes it is better to just feel and tell your human to go somewhere else. So this is what I am doing because my human can not begin to comprehend its multi dimensional counterpart. These higher vibrations of Light are to be felt and transmitted, not understood.

And so it is with humility and an open heart that I share my vision of a New Earth with you. As Emissaries of this new frequencies we unite in love to anchor those pillars of Light for ourselves and the collective.

And so it is.