New Earth Grids anchoring within

Good Afternoon Sweet Souls!

I don’t know about you but my nervous system felt like it was under attack this moring: extreme sensitivity to other people’s energy as if everything I received and felt was amplified ten times. This led to irritability and agressivity as I did not know how to handle this energy.

The galactics showed me that this new energy being transmitted to us via brand new light codes does affect the nervous system. Our senses are becoming more and more acute as we are expanding our light body and opening our fields to the ever expanding web of light.

These codes are actually here to help us anchor the new earth grids within. This means that this new light intelligence will activate/transmute/release what is in the way of this anchoring. In order to fully step onto new earth, we must master our emotions and this is what this energy coming to us right now is helping us do. Although it feels like it is doing the opposite, it is actually opening our pathways so that we can embed higher vibrations of light.

Each of us is exactly where they need to be. Open your heart to this light, embrace what is coming into your field, call it forth for it is the help you have been waiting for. I know there is discomfort for the human vessel, but this light is vital to your transition and the integration of your cosmic self.

Now here is what you can do to center yourself in this energy.

- Surrender to this energy. This means acknowledge what is going on, know that there is nothing wrong and welcome this new update. You will find that simply intending to surrender, this will automatically open your energetic pathways to the light. When you resist, you are constricting your heart and the light can not flood in.

- If your nerves are on edge (like mine) and you have to deal with souls who are not awakened yet, not feeling this, tell them that you feel irritable today. I ended up apologizing to my loved ones for being aggressive without a reason.

- Get out of the house! I found this energy making me mad… Like a lion in a cage. Go out and engage in an activity. Whether it is just a walk in nature or a bike ride, get your body moving. For me, I went to the barn and felt totally relaxed after an hour.

- When you feel calmer, center yourself again and open your heart to gratitude. Gratitude for the new earth grids that are taking roots within your heart! It does not matter if you do not feel them, they are beautiful pearlescent grids, omg, they are stunning, alive and bring such high vibrations within. Know that you are being fully rewired and focus on this new energy that is taking hold in your heart space.

- In love and Service - Emmanuelle