33:33 Star Gate fully open


Good Morning Everyone,

Stellated Dodecahedrons (pic below) blasting through us right now! This diamond light sacred geometry holds the 12 Colors of Creation.

stellated dodeca.png

Go outside in the Sun and close your eyes. Intent for the rays of the sun to come through your crown, watch them spiral, they carry this sacred geometry, it will move through your physical vessel and stop at the Root.

I am not saying Chakra because this no longer applies as our bodies are being totally recalibrated to hold our multi dimensionality. What you know as your root chakra is being completely dismantled. I do not know what it is called yet but I am shown/told this is where you are becoming


What does this mean? For now, you are integrating the Divine Sun, the fractal of creation within you. Remember that this is vibrational, of course you are already connected to the creator through heart but this is about the EMBODIEMENT of source right here, right now.

This means you are embodying CO-CREATION now. DNA is greatly affected and the codons of our DNA are turning transluscent (as far as I can see).

For me this experience is/was amazing. It felt very intense, pulsations of light like electricity shooting out of my root igniting my DNA. This is our new energy center and as we have now the ability to hold the power of creator in this form things are going to move even faster.

Again, the experience is different for everyone and is ALWAYS relative to where you are on your journey. It does not matter where you are, call forth those vibrations within and let YOUR energy do the rest.

In love and divine light,
xo Emmanuelle