Solar Portals / Star Gates Opening

The Radiant Sacred Heart of Creator

 Hi sweet souls,

Here we go again, with the next blast of high, high vibrations. Harmonics of the purest light are currently blasting through our physical bodies. 

 Here is a look inside our cells and what is happening:

The light codes are disrupting/shaking the last bit of duality we are still hanging on to.  Cells are spinning at an incredible rate as they need to re-orient themselves to the higher vibration while “spitting” out the old.  Move into this process without resistance and follow your intuition on what your body needs. These solar codes from source are harmonics/fractals of the purest light and now available to us to embody.

Here is what you may experience: A sudden (somewhat violent) emotional turmoil that you can not quite explain along with thoughts that may disturb you. This is how strong these light codes are. They are going to shake every bit of energy that is not in harmony with new earth vibrations within  you. Let them go, sit through the discomfort.

Focus on the elation of the new and of the integration of these codes within your cells. It is going to take a bit of time for your cells to readjust and integrate these new fractals of light.  These fractals of light as I see them are intricate sacred geometry, moving, spinning and duplicating themselves within your cells. These vibrations selves are now ready to integrate with the host (your physical body) The speed at which you will integrate this light is directly linked to your vibrational state

And your ability to transmute/receive energy. It will be a difference experience for each, I am sharing here what I see and experience within myself.

The head

With this comes another rewiring of the brain, you may even feel the “stem” (your neck) between your occipital ridge (base of the skull) and top of the spine hurting. Some may experience headaches, yes they are uncomfortable but temporary. It may feel that your head is expanding ( and it is!) and that your third eye is exploding. Also, parts of your face may vibrate at times: jaws, nose area, third eye.

The heart

 As your cells are repatterning  with higher fractals of light so is the geometry within your heart.  This is where you experience it all. Gates and gates are opening allowing for COMPLETE access to Christed, Diamond Light  Consciousness.  This six fold spiral healing geometry originates from the Central Sun of all Suns – The radiant Sacred Heart of the Creator -

It is important for you to work with intent now and regardless of what is playing in your reality to WELCOME and WALK through these portals.

Higher Realms are here to support you in every step of the way, so do call on your guide, on the angelic realms and on the galactics to help you through this integration. For those inclined to work with the angelic realm, you can call on MAZURIEL , Guardian of the Golden Start Gate of the Sun

With love