4 ways your soul communicates with you

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How do I know it is my soul talking?

Ever felt confused about receiving guidance?  Wondered if this was really coming from your soul? I know what you mean. This is something I hear all the time from clients and the number one question is: If I receive guidance from my soul, then how do I receive it and know that it is not my human talking?  I get it, hearing your soul is difficult when you do not know how to listen and once you do, it takes a bit of practice to get the hand of it. Trust me it is not that hard, it is doable and no you are not going to have to meditate for hours.  I am going to show you four easy ways your soul communicates with you and give you tips on how to avoid the pitfall of the ego that is going to try very hard to dismiss the very messages you are seeking.

The main reason it is so difficult for us to receive messages from our soul is because we grew up seeking guidance outside of ourselves and when we finally connect within, our human mind will fight to accept as truth all that is not linear. Yet the soul is exponential, it can’t be seen nor touched and it is energy that our mind can’t possibly grasp.  So stop wasting time trying to figure out and prove a phenomenon that can only be felt.

 Your soul is vibration

To hear the soul, you have to tune out all external stimuli and enter the vibrational realm. As you know, your soul is energy, it is vibration and a speck of light located in your higher heart chakra. It communicates with your human self vibrationally as a matter of fact everything from your soul is shared via energetic transmission.

 The communication process

This means there is a process, a way your soul communicates with your human self and it goes like this:  

  • Your soul sends energetic impulses directly to your nervous system (at this point you do not feel anything)
  • These impulses rise in your awareness (The soul reaches out to your human self)
  • Through feelings, intuition, visions, thoughts and even a deep sense of knowing (The messages come in)
  • These energetic messages need to be deciphered by your human mind (that is the tricky part)

And we have our guidance right there.  Surely you have heard of inspired action, and this is what it means: To take action from within, to have the internal desire to do something.


Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

It actually is when you know how to listen and to keep your human mind out of the equation. Let me explain: The voice of the soul is silent. I say silent because in order to hear the message of your soul, you must go to that silent place within, you must enter that vibratory space.

Entering that space means to close your eyes, to shut off from external stimuli, to step out of your human mind and to listen.  Now, if you are like me, you are going to say “sounds great but I can’t shut my mind off, I just can not meditate.” I totally relate and that’s okay, you are not required to sit in silence for long period of time. It is better to allocate a few minutes every day or every other day to listen.

But when you do, there are two things you must stay away from:

-       Trying. This is really important for when you try you bring an energy of control, you are attempting to control the flow of information that is coming in and that does not work. Trust me.

-       Expectations. This leads to frustration and bang, another energy coming in that is stopping the flow and the result is that you hear “nothing”. This used to drive me mad when I began to tune in. I could not hear anything!

 Here is what helped me: Although I am not the “journal type” I bought a journal, and told myself that I would sit for a few minutes at a time and write down whatever would come in without expectations. If I would see a bird in my vision, I would write bird and not worry, not try to interpret it, just write what would come into my awareness. Allowing this process to take place freed me from expectations and after a while I began not only to hear the messages but reading the entries in my journal brought so much clarity for me as what I was writing down began to make sense.

Nowdays, I just need to close my eyes and I am in that space right away. It is a vibratory space, it has a frequency and all I need to do is to tune into that frequency to enter it. If you are not there yet, do not worry, with practice and patience you will get there, I promise. You are reading the words of someone who was diagnosed ADHD as a child, and as an ADHD adult meditating turned out to be a huge challenge for me as a matter of fact I do my best meditating when my body is in motion! I had to figure out my own way of connecting to hear my own soul and so will you!

The main reason you want to connect within that space is because you want to access your blueprint, your roadmap, and that is shared through impulses or individual codes designed to bring you into greatness. Yes! The guidance you are so desperately seeking, that which is designed to bring you into the highest expression of you, is safely tucked in within you and your job is to access those vibrations, those frequencies. Now do not worry, those “codes” unwrap automatically when you let the energy rise, so let’s see how these energetic impulses ascend into your awareness

Your soul impulses

Energetic impulses carry the messages from your soul and although they come in a myriad of ways I am going to go over 4 ways those messages are delivered to you and how to listen.

Your feelings

One way your soul communicates with you all the time is through your feelings. These arise deep from within, they are not attached to a particular reasoning, are neither right nor wrong, they are an indication of what your soul “feels” about a certain thought. A thought is a thought until we feel into it and when we do we are given a clue, a message on what this means for us.

Feelings are very clear messengers if we let them rise as they come. The confusion comes in when the human mind steps in (the ego), often at an early stage, and totally stifles the message that our soul is attempting to deliver.  As a matter of fact we are not even aware of it. When a feeling arises and elicits an emotion, the mind is very quick to judge that emotion and if it does not align with what we “think we want and what we want to feel", we suppress the emotion and the message that our soul was attempting to bring to our awareness is lost.

The mind is great to help us navigate our daily life but it is not going to be receptive to anything that is coming from within, threatening the very reality/story that our human mind is attempting to create. So in accordance to your beliefs and limitations you mind is going to shut off, cut off anything that threatens to disturb its plan.

 It does not matter what the “plan” is, consider your feelings for they are the friends, the counsel you have been looking for outside of yourself for so long. Think of them as your soul’s position, remember that your soul holds your roadmap and is always guiding you towards your deepest desires.

 There is no right and wrong for the soul.  Anything that is not comfortable to feel, any emotion you have judged as “bad” is simply a message, a position your soul is taking on a particular topic. 

·      Let the feeling rise, no matter how difficult it is

·      Become aware of that emotion and write it down

·      Shift your perspective and see it as a message

·      Do not judge what has come up

·      Your mind will try to chatter, to evaluate, don’t go there

·      Ask yourself what this is telling you

·      What is the message?

That anger, that sadness, the funny feeling, the guilt, the worry, the fear…. They are all trying to tell you something. 


Intuition is widely recognized as the way our soul communicates. Most people will talk about “getting an hunch”, “feeling a strong desire to do something” and usually these inspired actions are taken “out of the blue” and have absolutely no logic attached to them.  These are moments when we drop everything to follow this guidance, we are made to feel the urgency and the power of what we feel totally overrides our rational thinking.  That is when our soul is screaming to us so that we choose the path it is clearly dictating.

 But our intuition works in very subtle ways all day long. It is like a compass that delivers soft and swift messages to optimize our day, to ensure that we are well, on track and doing what resonates the most with us in every moment. It is our soultaking charge of our day ensuring that we are making the best choices in every moment according to our blueprint and roadmap.  

Say you are at your computer working and you get a thought “I’m hungry”.  You don’t want to interrupt what you are doing and you keep on working ignoring that message.  I am taking this example because this seem so random and yet this is your soul talking to you: either you need to take a break, your energy is depleted, you are going to get more inspiration for what you are writing by making yourself lunch or you are going to see a post it on your fridge telling you that school finishes early today you should leave right now... and so on…

While you mind will convince you that you don’t have time to take a break and of course you will not take a break and chances are you will not know how your day could have been much better, unless of course you forgot to pick up your child at school. But even then again, you will not put two and two together because you will not think “had I gone to the kitchen to make myself lunch, I would have seen the post.”

Get in the habit of following that little voice, no matter how irrational, inconvenient it is. Tell your human to “be quiet” as it will reason with you why you can not go take a walk now, why you should not take a nap, transcend your rational thinking and start to trust those soft impulses.  Honestly, I always have my best days when I listen and allow myself to be fully attuned to that voice within and in the flow. This is when I accomplish the most in a relaxed and “unconventional” way. Remember, your soul is always guiding you for what is the best for you in each moment.


Visions are another way our soul delivers messages. Visions are a bit different because they deliver a specific message at a given time and we have to learn to decipher the message ourselves. The images we receive are what is often referred as “light language” this is our soul talking to us and the frequency we receive will show up as an “image” in through our third eye.

Those vivid flashes we receive may contain a solution, an answer, a yearning and/or they may inspire fear.  I will often get visions when I misplace my keys, I will literally be looking for them when I will have a flash of the coat I wore the day before and my keys will be in its pocket.

When visions trouble you and give you an uneasy feeling, it is usually a message that you need to pay attention to the fears that are being expressed. It can be a warning to not do something but it can also be your soul simply showing you where you are holding fear. It is a message for you to let go and release that energy.

For example, when you are low on money and struggling to pay your bills, you get a sudden flash of a bill coming in the mail that you will not be able to pay. The fear that this vision evokes is intense and you start to freak out. This is your soul telling you that you are currently creating a powerful vortex of energy that is going to bring you more of what you do not want.

In this case, your human will try to “fight” and get you to feel sorry for yourself. Don’t. When you fall into the victim mentality you are entering a vortex that will keep you there forever. Take the message your receive and bring those emotions to your awareness, own them and embrace the way you feel, this will lead you to freedom and peace instead.

Deep Knowing

Deep knowing is the most awesome message we receive from our soul because it is the clearest we will ever get. I do not need to describe what this is like as we have all experienced “deep knowing” about something at some point in our lives.  The one sentence that comes to mind is “ I just knew she was the one”. This is how our society experiences deep knowing.

Yet there is another way we experience deep knowing, and this is through our body. Yes! When our soul remembers who we truly are, it is felt throughout the body.

Our cells awaken and our human is overwhelmed with bodily sensations. This can be intense tingling when meeting someone, spontaneous crying while reading a text, instant heart opening when listening to someone and so on. When our soul remembers other lifetimes, higher consciousness and sacred wisdom, this knowing is felt throughout our human vessel and we can not help but notice it.

When we know something deeply and without a doubt, it is also a sign that we are fully aligned with our blueprint and that we are on the path we chose for ourselves. Our human usually does not fight “deep knowing” because the resonance is there and 100% clear.

The ultimate goal is to familiarize yourself with the voice of your soul

These are just examples of how your soul communicates. There is obviously no right not wrong way to receive messages, you have to feel your way through and find what works for you.  What is important to remember is to only do what resonates with you because you are wired (through your blueprint) to express yourself a certain way. If meditating for an hour is your preferred way then do that, know that when you are in alignment with your soul it always feels good: So let your feelings guide you.

with love

xo Emmanuelle