Awakening Stage 2 - Programs and Distortions

You know that awesome feeling when you are able to look at yourself and feel compassion for the human that you are?  That is the moment you know you are entering the second phase of awakening, a profound phase that will take you to the depth of you.

Pat yourself on the back for readily accepting the ups and down of the emotional roller coaster you are experiencing and for your willingness to embrace your human self with openness and curiosity.

I say curiosity because once we have expanded and are integrating higher vibrations in our physical body, we begin to receive wisdom from our higher self and we also capture glimpses of what we call unconditional love: an absolute blissful moment in time that brings our human down to its knees. This is mostly what keeps us going, as we are thirsty for more of that cosmic feeling.

Our expansion to other dimensions can be both exhilarating and exciting even though our human brain does not understand what is going on. Yet, our senses have become shaper: we begin to feel, see and hear much more of the non-physical realm.


If you are like me and thought that “that” was it – Well.......

To be honest, I thought I was done and I was waiting. In retrospect I do not know what I was waiting for, but I remember this feeling of waiting for something. I mean, come on! I had “worked on myself” and now I was ready to be rewarded for my good work.

Little did I know, the energy within was continuously expanding, trying to bring me into more and my physical body was preparing itself to hold this new consciousness.

And I began to enter phase two of awakening (still enjoying it)….

But as the energy persists in its expansion, it finds out that the way out is clogged.

What????  They are “things” in the way and so our soul pushes. It pushes so that it can break through those “things” and move freely throughout your body.

Now let’s look at what is happening energetically.

We all store energy at different levels of density in our bodies. Each emotional experience has a particular density (frequency) and depending on the level of density of that experience and of the way we processed that experience, some emotional experiences move through our field while others are trapped.

It is that trapped density that creates what is more commonly known as “energy blocks” and we must release it so that the energy can flow freely. Those energy blocks hold a low vibration and most often than not, we are not aware of them because they are tucked deeply in our hearts. These are the painful experiences of our childhood, traumas and emotions from past lives. In other words: the psychological baggage of our past.


From a higher perspective, these memories are none others than the roles we have played and the identities we have assumed through time and space. They are the challenges our soul has chosen to experience.

For our human they are the experiences that caused us immense pain or great loss, experiences we could NOT understand because we did not know why they happened.

From the perspective of our human, these experiences are part of us.  They are the stories that play over and over again telling us who we are, the stories that keep us from truly enjoying this life because they limit our potential for new growth.

The vibrations from our stories, identities, traumas, pain, past lives emotions are all in our energy field and must be released.


You may have heard of programming and distortions. Programs are the beliefs and limitations that stem from the stories and identities you think about yourself.  They are like vibrational filters in your field that activate every time you attempt to create a reality that has a connection to the frequency of that belief.

For example, let’s say you experienced verbal abuse in your childhood (that would be your story) and this experience caused you to believe that you were not good enough (that would be your belief) that frequency “unworthiness” would activate every time your human self would want to step into more of who it is.

This is one reason souls feel stuck and do not know why.  When the frequency is activated, the emotions rise to our awareness and we feel not good enough, lesser than, not lovable enough, etc…

The only way to get rid of that frequency is to go back to our past and relive the experience.


I do not like the word healing because it often refers to us not being perfect but in this case it applies to the transmutations of frequencies that are keeping us in the illusion of the 3d dimension. So I like to say that healing in this case means reverting back to our natural state.

We must enter the past with a new consciousness, one that is LOVING to transmute that energy.

This process is truly ongoing and can last years because the more we dig within, the more emerges into our awareness. That is the reason we feel conflicted when the same story keep arising every few months.

I thought I was through with this!?

Well... yes and no. When you are through with one level of vibration, a new one is being brought to your attention.  In essence, you are dealing with the layers of energy linked to the story. The transmutation of that energy depends on how deep your pain is and how willing you are to relive it.

I know. Trust me, I have been dealing with this myself.  Unworthiness for example, comes up again and again for me…. Many of my stories are linked to unworthiness, it was my identity for years! and I fully indulged in victimhood.

I have learned to let go of the victim mentality and now I feel the energy when it rises. And you know what? It’s okay.


Because I have learned that when I allow for the stories to rise in my conscious awareness disturbing content comes to the surface and

I envelop it with LOVE

to let the emotions rise without attachment and judgment.


When I go back to the original story and infuse it with the consciousness of the heart, something magical happens.

I transmute the energy

This shift manifests itself immediately in my physical reality. I am able to come into acceptance with my story and see the higher meaning and purpose in everything that happens.

Love creates room for understanding, for compassion, and when this happens

I become the master of my reality again

So sweet soul, welcome to phase two. 

The phase that will bring you into acceptance of what is and that will also bring you to take responsibility for the story.

I know – taking responsibility is a big one – but there is no rush, one step at a time.

Sometimes you will fall back – Gosh I have fallen back hundreds of time! And I still do!

This is why I say that you have a foot in one dimension and one in the other. Seriously, how could we shift at once when we have mountains of “programming” to move!

I have never seen a baby walk from the time it takes its first steps. It is the same for this process, we let the story rise, we are totally disturbed by the feelings that come up and we freak out, we cry, we scream in pain, we bawl our eyes out…


Because that energy is intense

When the memories suddenly flood our consciousness we are taken aback. It is recalling the parts of our consciousness that are hurt. This is huge. We need time to process. But know that letting your story rise is the first step. You will get there – in your own time!

What you are doing in this phase is making way for a new you, a YOU that will have a different way of being and experiencing.

This is why it feels like you are loosing your identity. It was never your identity to start off but you made it that way because you believed the stories and identified with them. Again, that is normal.

But now, you know better.

That stirring within is real. It is the only thing that is real.

It is there to wake you up, to help lift the veil so that you can see the brilliance of your soul.

With love,

xo Emmanuelle