Programs and distortions - Part 1



Hello there!

How often have you felt stuck on and unable to move forward?

Many times I bet…. Me too…

But what about feeling stuck because the same thing is happening over and over again in a way that makes you feel that you will never get out of it?

That is because you are dealing with programming that is in your field and once you awaken and are ready to dive deeper within, you start to become aware of energetic patterns that are held deep within your cells.

So, what are programs?

When I first heard about programs, I had no idea what that meant. It took me a while to comprehend this terminology in relation to ascension and energy, but as I began to transmute the energy of my childhood traumas I noticed that a part of “my energy” that had been with me for years was gone. Let me explain: the transmutation of that energy had suddenly wiped off years of suffering and I no longer felt emotional pain thinking about my childhood, nor did I continue to have the same recurring thoughts when thinking about my family.

It was all gone. 

I was no longer creating the same emotionally draining experience over and over again and was free of drama! This is when I realized that I had transmuted more than a blockage, I had literally wiped out a major program: a frequency held in my cell that would activate every time my state of being would vibrate a belief, an emotion and/or a thought tied to my childhood.

A program is like a “sleeping” filter that becomes “active” every time we attempt to create a reality that has a connection to the frequency of the beliefs, traumas and past lives we hold in our field. Programs stem from the vibration of our stories, identities, pain and of course, many other energies we are not aware of.

What programs do is that they attract experiences, usually the same ones over and over again.


Because the moment you have a desire and intend for it to manifest, everything you think, believe and feel about this chosen desire automatically comes together to create that experience for you.

Since your vibrations generate your life, there are vibrations within you that are dormant (from the frequency of the programs you hold in your cells). You are not aware of them even if they become activated simply because they are out of your range of awareness.

I know… crazy stuff….

I have come to understand that you can’t comprehend programs and how they get activated if you are not familiar with the way your energetic field stores energy and how it operates to create your desire.

Since we can not see energy with the naked eye, I am going to use a metaphor so that you can imagine what your energetic field looks like.

Your energetic field

Say your vibrational field is a house. Every room constitutes a different area of your life (relationship, finances, career, health, etc..) holding your beliefs and feelings about it.

Just like you choose furniture to fill out a room, you choose how you feel about your relationships, your work, your health and your finances. Depending on how you feel, the color and the furniture of the rooms may be light and bright, dark and gloomy     ( higher vibrations, lower vibrations). If you think of each room as energy, the sum of all the vibrations within your house equals your state of being.

Your state of being is the one frequency that is going to bring you the experience that will be an exact vibrational match to what you are radiating at all times, all the time.

You are aware of the vibrations in each room because this is your living space, you hold thoughts about each area of your life and these thoughts trigger feelings. You are aware of those too.

But there is the attic…

You forgot about the attic…

It is the place you store things that you no longer need, that you do not know where to put and that you no longer want to see. There are also things from your parents and grandparents stored there. It does not bother you, nor do you care because you never go in the attic.

The truth is that you are barely aware of what is in your attic because you have not gone there for years.

However, the attic is part of your house. Your attic holds a vibration too.

That is the place in your energetic field where you have stored all that you no longer feel nor want to feel. The space that holds everything that has ever happened to you and all the thoughts you have ever had.

That is where your programs are stored and because the attic is part of your house, it holds a vibration too.

So when you attempt to manifest something in your life, all the vibrations that are linked to your desire in any way come together and constitute the one frequency that is going to attract the experience that you want!

And of course this also includes the vibrations in your attic, in other words: all that you do not remember and have forgotten.

This is how programs “interfere” in your creation unbeknownst to you!

Programs and their interference

Now let’s see how this translates in your physical world. When you create a reality, you activate all vibrations you hold in your field related to that desire forth. 

For example, if you want to create a reality where you have 80 000 dollars, every belief, thought and emotions that you currently have regarding money will arise plus all of the energy of the experiences you have had with money. In order to access a reality where you have 80 000 dollars, you have to reach the vibration of these 80 000 dollars: this means you have to feel like you already have those 80 000.  

But if deep inside you do not believe that you could have so much money even if you have tricked yourself in believing that you do, that vibration of “not possible” is going to be activated and still contribute to your state of being.

That “program” of “I do not believe I can have so much money” is going to infiltrate your overall frequency unbeknownst to you and you will experience another reality than the one you wanted.  And every time you are going to want to manifest big sums of money, that frequency is going to show up until you transmute it!

This is a simple example, but most programs are not easily identifiable, particularly when they stem from a past life and/or an emotion that has not been processed.

These programs keep us separate from source and must be transmuted for us to further raise our vibrations. A huge part of our journey is the dismantling and transmuting of these programs and you are going to have to go deep, deep within yourself to identify those vibrations.

Quick fix do not exist.

You will have to find the energy that is in your attic and bring it into your house so that you become aware of it.

It will have to be transmuted for you to access a new level of consciousness and free yourself from pain and suffering.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on the three types of programming that affect your vibration and how they work against you.

xo Emmanuelle