Emmanuelle Pries

Integrate your newly awakened Energy

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Welcome sweet soul!

When the newly awakened energy within begins to threaten the foundation of your human life, it takes lots of courage and commitment to surrender to the unknown. For truly, this journey of ascension unleashes powerful emotions and "bizarre" physical shifts that the human mind can not comprehend.

It's a vibrational journey of expansion

This vibrational transformation is so complex (and we still know so little about it) that it often leaves us dumbfounded and sometimes even distraught over long periods of time. I want to you to  access the answers that you seek, now.

I am here to assist  you, to encourage you and to guide you.

My goal is to deliver information to you in a way that is simple and accessible. My intent is to share tools and techniques (tested by me) to support your through your own shifts.

Introducing three phases of Awakening

Our expansion takes place through a series of shifts in consciousness - quantum jumps and vibrational increases - these overlap as we vibrate back and forth, one foot in each dimension, until we are able to fully integrate and embody the frequency of that level of consciousness. 

These shifts are endless and although this process may feel like a big blur, I have experienced three distinct phases that have been milestone in my transition. Helping other souls on their journey, a pattern has emerged that mirrored my own experience. As a result I have structured my work to reflect those phases as each is a stepping stone towards our transition from ego to heart.

Depending on our ability to embrace the new, it is not uncommon to be in two phases at once, particularly the first two. For example: we become aware of our pain, we want to get rid of it and yet we can not embrace the new. 



Emotional Overwhelm

Disengagement from the ego. Inner pain exposed. Disorientation, pain, anger, fear, doubt & self judgment.


Understand emotional overwhelm


Emotional Baggage from the past

Letting go of stories, roles, identities (programming).  Becoming the master of your reality again.


Want to know more about it? 


Living from the Heart

Shifting out of linear realities. Recalibration and alignment with Unity Consciousness. Creating from the heart.