Emmanuelle Pries

Join me 

 Monday August 27th

for a 3 week Intensive Immersion

(Limited to 12 Souls)


To activate all discordant vibrations and frequencies,

any stuck and/or repressed emotions

that are currently vibrating fear, lack and pain

generating a reality that you do not want


With the help of the Angels

We are going to go deep within your own matrix

to connect with the frequencies

that keep creating undesirable experience for you

over and over again

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Maybe you are:

Frustrated and lonely. You can not seem to meet a partner that resonates with you 100%.

Struggling financially year after year. You are sick of this financial yo-yo.

Feeling stuck in your career. Things are not moving forward the way that you would like it too.

Suffering from a chronicle disease and/or suddenly diagnosed with an illness.



Does any of this sounds familiar?

By now you are tired of the whole "vibrational thing", you just want to get to the root of it.

You do not know how to become aware of those deeper vibrations. Why does it have to be so difficult?

You can't find the emotional strength to go within because your reality is currently falling apart.

When you finally are on track, something happens and you hit a wall again

You keep on getting lost in contradictory thoughts and loose your focus

You get impatient and discouraged (it all feels so hard!) 

That little voice in your head won't give you a break.

You are bouncing back and forth between hopeful and hopeless.

You are tired of this.

You see other people living their dream life, so when is your turn going to come?

What if I told you that you are a prisonner within your own walls

Yes, you read that right... You are stuck in a vibrational matrix created by you, by your very own energy. The

frequency(ies) that are holding your matrix in place have been there for so long that you are not aware of them,

at least not consciously.

These frequencies are called "programs". They activate the moment your desire is vibrationaly connected to them.

Let's say you want a romantic relationship and you are holding a frequency within you that vibrates "I am not

good at relationships", that frequency will activate every time you are interested in someone romantically. The

experiences will differ but you will find yourself in the same predicament over and over again until you

transmute that frequency.

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These programs:

Run deep and you can't see them.

Some have been there for eons.

They stem from other lives, childhood,

and the collective beliefs you have embraced.

They are like glue to a stick and sneak up on you,

bringing you the opposite of what you want.

There is no quick fix to make them disapear.

You have to recall them into your consciousness

to be able to transmute them.


Walking the streets of my childhood in Paris last month

I began to transmute one of my oldest and deepest

program. It ran so deep that I could not even bring it

into my awareness by myself.

With the help of the angels

I was able to let it rise


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That's why I have decided to hold this immersion!

An energetic immersion to help you connect with

 the hidden pain that you hold within

that which you have no idea is influencing your creations

So that you can end the wheel of confusion, overwhelm and frustration,

 ans step into knowing, clarity and conscious creation

Note: This immersion is limited to 12 souls

so that I can offer individual support

Picture this!

You've identified the program that is holding you back & you are finally able to move forward!

You have gotten to the root of your own programming

The frequency that has been holding your program in place is now visible

You can finally access the emotions that are connected to this program

You now understand how it has held you back

You can clearly see how you have held yourself hostage vibrationally 

You are no longer afraid to go for what you really want

You feel more assured and you can't believe that you are actually identified a program on your own.

You are relieved (it is doable!) and you are excited because now you have the tools to identify more programs

You are confident that anything is possible and this gives you a great sense of peace.

You are now one step closer to your dreams

I get it because..

I have done it. And I am still doing it.

I know how to go deep and dig. I know what it feels like to deal with the sudden rush of emotions and how to

transmute energies. I can see the matrix of my own energetic field and I can see yours too when I tune in.

But when I tune in with the help of the angels, I see a lot more.

And last month the angels showed me how to access the program, the main program

that has been keeping me prisoner for most of my life.


The angels have guided me to create this immersion for you

As one who can see the transmutation of vibrations and identify frequencies in others, I have created this

immersion for you so that you too can see what is in your own matrix.

Meet the 12 angels who are the architects of this immersion 

Seraphiel, Sanusemi, Uriel, Camael, Haniel, Michael, Cassiel, Phuel, Raphael, Ariel, Zadkiel, Gabriel

And who are going to be with you for 3 weeks

If you do not know these angels, no worries, they will be introduced to you step by step during the immersion.

And if you have never worked with angels before, get ready for the blast of love you are going to receive.

This immersion is for all those who are ready to go deep within, regardless of where you are on your journey.


If you have never worked with me, this is what souls have said about past immersion with me

(I no longer cite the source of testimonials on my website as some souls have expressed a need for privacy.) 

soul vibration (5).png

“Hi Emmanuelle, I wanted to give you extra feedback on my experience of this course with you. It has been like no other course I have ever done. The shift in me - back into myself - is nothing less than extraordinary." 


"Your gift and your ability to enable people to create significant shifts in their lives is nothing like I have experienced before.” 


"Just reading this (post) brings tears to my eyes. I can already feel the energy, calming, soothing. Looking forward to dive in more deeply. So grateful! Thank you!"



"Thank you! I feel a sense of ease and calm today, a wholeness I know I have within me but sometimes have a hard time to remembering. It’s a beautiful thing to feel so connected to myself and others today."


"This journey with you and the small group is life changing for me. I cannot express how much I am starting to feel “inside my skin”. It’s finally starting to feel safe. Thank you very much, Emmanuelle. This process with you is what I have been seeking all of this lifetime. Honestly, it is remarkable. And It is also quite a vulnerable time, while I settle into this new place. I truly value the input you have over these next two weeks. Thank you so very much. My best investment ever."


"I just finished the first meditation and WOW. For the fact that others may have not done it yet I will hold back on sharing extensively. Right now my body feels, lighter, joyful and my hands and toes are tingling and my ears are ringing at a new pitch! Thanks Emnamuelle that was beautiful and your voice is so soothing and safe."

3 Attunements

  •  A weekly attunement from the angels, done by me. Attunements increase your angelic connection and allow for a sacred vibrational exchange between you and that angel. I act as a channel transmitting the energetic download from the angel to you.
  • These attunements are meant to activate what is dormant within so that you can connect to the deeper parts of you that are currently out of your range of awareness.
  • As a participant you receive the attunement. Information on how to receive an attunement will be provided when the course begins.

3 Energy Transmissions/week

  • You will receive 3 energy transmissions every week. These are energy downloads from the angel themselves. This energy will be availabe for your to download, I will tell you how.
  • The transmissions are light codes, you will receive what is right for you at this time.

A private FB group

  • Created to facilitate our communication and the opportunity for you to mingle with others.
  • This is your space to ask and receive. I will check in every morning and answer all of your questions so that you get the support that you need and gain the clarity you seek.

One Energy scan

  • Each participant will receive an energy scan during the 3 weeks. I will tune into your energy field and tell you what I see and feel. This usually considerably speeds up your re-membering as I get to see what is hidden from your awareness.
  • It may happen that I tune into you more than once as I go with the flow and follow my own guidance.

A  Q & A session via Zoom during Week 2 

  • An online Face to Face to get to know each of you better and to answer your questions. Date to be announced.


  • What I call "extras" are all the bits and pieces that can not be planned. When I do live immersion, material is also being created as we go, especially since this is an angel driven immersion.
  • What it means for you is that I may add mp3s, recorded meditations for you to download, deliver angel messages to the participants as the guidance flows through me... and more..

My role/contribution

  • As I already mentioned earlier, when I conduct an immersion I go all in: I will deploy all tools I have to support you through the three weeks. I can tune into you, give your clarity and guidance on how to proceed and provide a high vibrational cocoon for you to evolve into a higher version of you.
  • But here is what I can not do: connect to frequencies for you, transmute emotions on your behalf and take away the pain. 

Here is what you can expect week by week:

Week One: Activation

ATTUNEMENT: Seraphiel and Sanusemi


Deep cellular memories to rise 

Emotions tied to these memories to ascend 

Physical body to feel these emotions

Profound connection to the non physical part of you

+ Tuning in from me

+ Connecting with your guardian angel

Week Two: Release


ENERGY TRANSMISSIONS: Phuel, Cassiel, Haniel

The release of judgement 

The letting go of past experiences and attachements

Moving into self love and forgiveness

Feeling a new sense of peace

Moving into a neutral vibrational state

+ Q and A with me - date to be announced

Week Three: Integration


ENERGY TRANSMISSIONS: Ariel, Gabriel, Zadkiel

Deeper connection: Allowing and Receiving the greater you

Awareness of your own energy: More clarity and Knowing.

Emergence of your essence: Inspiration to take action with confidence.

Greater connection to the universe: Accelerated manifestation.

This Immersion is for you if...

You are ready to move forward with your life

You have the courage to face that which you can not see

You want to know how to clear programs that steer you away from your desires

You are ready to feel the emotions connected to your programs

You want to understand why your life is stagnant and how to restore the flow

You want to get to get clarity on your own matrix 

You want a deeper connection to the angelic realm

Hi, I'm Emmanuelle Pries

and I can not wait to help you dismantle the program that is keeping you stuck

me-make up.jpg

I'm an energy healer, teacher and angeologist who helps those who are on their awakening journey fully align to the non physical part of them- their energy - that creates all of their experiences.

With the help of angelic vibrations, I create online courses and provide teachings that support your energetic expansion, allowing for an easier  transition from ego consciousness to heart consciousness. 

As a seeker who became aware of her non physical self at once during a life altering experience in 2014, I know how crucial it is to bring you teachings that will increase your awareness of your own energy so that you manifest your goals easily and with confidence. 


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