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and why I am qualified to teach you



Angel Channel and Energy healer

I help seekers and awakening souls like you who are stuck and feel that they are "off course", activate the frequencies within to align with their greatness. I do this through my psychic abilities, primarily my clairvoyance, clairsentience and also my clairaudience.

I look into your energy field, see your matrix, I find the vibrational blockage and show you what your journey is. I listen, I dig, I make you talk. I get to the root of your trauma, your past life, your strong belief. I help you see what you can't see.

I teach you how to elevate your vibration and how to become conscious of the frequencies obstructing your abundance. I awaken your soul power so that you can activate the frequencies within you that are aligned with the highest version of you.

I channel angelic energies (I have been doing this for 12 years now) to help you fast track your awakening. This energy mostly flows through me in the form of activations, energy transmissions and meditations.


My life suddenly shifted the night my husband had a car accident that nearly took his life in 2014. It was shortly past midnight when the police rang the bell to deliver the news and I would have to wait until morning to drive the 500 km that separated us.

Fear, gripping fear overtook me and my body shook for hours until exhaustion. It is then that flashes of light, tingling and images of my current life started to fill my vision. My soul had sprung forward in its brilliance rattling my core.

Within seconds of it stirring, my awareness expanded at once to accommodate massive downloads of information about me. I clearly remember the angels showing me a seatbelt whispering " buckle up for the ride!". It felt surreal, yet it was undeniable; a part of me, the authentic me had leaped forward and was now infiltrating the space that had been made available. My mind was clear, my heart soaring with love and I felt at peace cradled in the embrace of my soul.


I did not realize at the time that this was the beginning of an extensive alignment, one still in progress.  Over the weeks and months following the accident, I was blessed to welcome and receive the many gifts my soul had in store for me.

It is with awe that I witnessed a tremendous shift in perception, one that allowed me to experience the toughest time of my life with grace and ease.  I watched every area of my life crumble, cried the tears and felt the pain, yet rejoiced at the synchronicities and miracles that brought me ever closer to my authentic self. 

I experienced love literally gushing out of me, transmuting and healing everything and anything in its way. Something I could not even fathom a year ago. I now know, we are here to thrive, to be abundant, to love and we are here to manifest our unique version of heaven on earth.

This alignment began four years ago and it is still ongoing.


As a child I was aware of other realms but it is not until 2006 that I started to see angels.  That year I was guided to Angela McGerr who would become my teacher and mentor for the next four years. This encounter altered my life and I threw myself heart and soul in the study of angels and sacred geometry.  During that time I also guided others via online courses.

In 2010 I was guided to combine my psychic skills with hands on healing and this gave way to another life altering experience in which I was able to remember my own gifts and abilities.  I started to see and feel people’s emotions and began to be able to assist others in releasing the emotional layers covering their heart.

That year I began to conduct one on one session (vibrational healing), online readings and group immersions.

Helping others to transmute their own "density" greatly increased my clairs and angelic guidance poured in once again. I began to offer face to face angel workshops.

When my heart "broke" in 2014, I stopped all teachings and healing sessions as I was forced to focus on my own journey. It is not until 2015 that I resumed teaching, this time with a focus on the heart, helping souls identify and transmute the energy that was keeping them in a loop of lack and fear.

Although I absolutely come alive when I do energy sessions and this is what I love to do, something deep within me was stirring once again. In November 2017 Seraphiel ( Ruler of the Seraphim) awoke me with a request. Startled, I decided to let it sink in and conveniently forgot about it. 

As if I did not hear him properly, another encounter took place in May 2018, 12 years to the month I had had my first encounter with the angels. I finally gave in to my soul purpose and here I am, this time fully commited to channel angelic energies to those ready to receive them. 


I was born and raised in France

I studied in the United States and hold a B.A from UC Berkeley.

I worked in San Francisco, Montreal, Munich and Bonn (PR, Sales and Human Resources)

I am an Angela McGerr certified angel teacher and trainer.

I am a Star Healing Intergalactic Energy certified trainer.

I now reside in Duesseldorf, Germany, with my husband of 21 years, our daughter, her two cats and our horse.

I refer to our household as “ Tutti-Frutti” where French, German and English are equally spoken.