Emmanuelle Pries

Gatekeeper - Light Emissary

Meet Emmanuelle


Emmanuelle Pries is a Wayshower in service to the collective. As a Light Emissary she is here to help awakening souls on their ascension path, to empower the collective to embrace higher frequencies of light and to facilitate the emergence of higher realities for all.

 As a contactee for the Angelic Realms since 2006 and the Galactic Inter-Dimensional realm since 2010, Emmanuelle has been receiving regular transmissions of light and updates in order to help integrate, activate and embody the Multi-Dimensional Human on earth.

 Emmanuelle offers tools, courses and online energetic immersions to assist, inspire and help the ascension of humanity.  Emmanuelle is the creator of “Ascension Frequencies”, a brand new weekly podcast dedicated to living life as a Multi Dimensional Human.

Although a Paris native, Emmanuelle has been anchoring light in Germany for the last 22 years, where she resides with her husband and Teenage daughter.


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