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When you are blocked or stuck, chances are you have a program in your field that is creating a reality you do not want.

Programs are frequencies that are like filters in your field, activating every time you attempt to create a reality that has a connection to the frequency of that belief. You can read more about programs here. 

 You would be able to:

  • Identify the frequency that is holding that programming in place

  • Understand the one energy that is currently creating experiences you do not like

  • Pinpoint the major hidden belief or pattern that is creating the confusion

  • Transmute that energy out of your field


Here are examples of programs that Play hide and seek with you

Energetic imprints from a parallel life

Beliefs that are not yours 

Implants affecting the flow of  your energy

Limitations you have invited in your field

Trauma from your childhood


"I felt the clearing of an implant" 

Emmanuelle assisted me greatly and I found that she was able to tune into my energy field with ease along with her Higher Self and Spirit helpers. I was unaware of the time she would do this work, however I felt the clearing of an implant from my body at the exact time she tuned in. I would highly recommend her as she really offers genuine and high vibrational assistance to anyone guided to her work.

— Helen Boyd Newton, Australia


Whatever it is, you can not see it because it is hiding from your awareness but you can feel it...


and it is preventing you from moving forward, unleashing uncomfortable feelings. It is like looking for a needle in a hay stack.


          It takes an expanded awareness and practice to identify the energies at play

and until you get there yourself (you will!) I can help you in the meantime

"Emmanuelle pointed me in the right direction to clear blockages"

"I had a short FB chat with Emmanuelle that revealed that she had significant communications with & information from the 5th Dimensional and higher realms. Blockages that were disrupting my heart energies, and possibly keeping kundalini from rising. I am still working on the communication she gave me, to clear and transmute fear of abuse and traumatic torture from my cells.”  

-Jan Kinter, WA

"I was able to gain clarity on the discomfort I was experiencing"

"When I met you and I asked for your help, I was in a state of disorientation because it seemed that nothing fits anything. Your softly and gentle help, and also the information you provided me about myself, helped me to understand and overcome the mentally and energetically discomfort that I was in. Thank you so much for your help."

- Monica Poka, Romania

"My connection to self deepened after the session"

"Working with Emmanuelle was a wonderful experience. I immediately felt better, even when I did not consciously know the extent of her help. She helped me on a subconscious level. After the healing, I felt more centered, and experienced my higher self in a more tangible way. Plus, her unconditionally love and acceptance of me allowed me to accept myself on a deeper level.”  

- Sarah Tilson, NC

         Here is how I work

And what you can expect working with me

I tune into your energetic field and ask to be directed to the area that needs focus. To do this I use my clairvoyant and clairsentience abilities to gather information, this means that I receive images and messages on what is going on at this point in time.  I work to restore the flow of your energy and to bring you clarity on what is causing the overwhelm and/or what is holding you back from your purpose.  

These sessions are powerful and transformational. I work at the cellular level to help you shift you from overwhelm, fear and doubt to peace, harmony and clarity. You can expect a full account of what I have seen and felt including guidance on how to move forward. These sessions are not a quick fix nor are they about your future, they are meant to empower you and to bring you greater awareness about who you are so that you can begin to reclaim your energetic power.

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$147 USD

A 30 Minutes remote Energy Session

A follow up email within 24 hours relating what I have seen and felt including any messages that have come through for you from angels and/or light beings.


$247 USD

A 30 Minutes remote energy session

A follow up email within 24 hours relating what I have seen and felt including any messages that have come through for you from angels and/or light beings.

A 30 minutes skype call a week later to discuss any questions you may have.