"My work is based on the experience that everything vibrates"


About Emmanuelle's teachings

Emmanuelle's teachings are based on her experience that all is vibrational and that we are an autonomous extension of source generating our own reality, allowing the divine to know itself through our individual expression.  She teaches that we are humans holding the power of creation within.  That power is what allows us to create from the inside out, generating a reality that is always in synch with what we want, using the energy fields of love and light.  She believes that you shift, shape and mould your desires into being by infusing your essence with the field of unconditional love bringing your reality into being with light.


Emmanuelle's blueprint

As a child Emmanuelle  lived naturally within two or more realms - her day-to-day surroundings and “other” worlds -, but it was not before 2006 that she encountered angels on a regular basis. What followed was a profound study of angels and Sacred Geometry and of spreading her knowledge and wisdom in Angel Workshops and 1-to-1 sessions.

In 2010 she was guided to combine her psychic skills with hands on healing and this gave way to another life altering experience. She soon recollected her  abilities of seeing and moving energies and when working with her clients today she picks up their emotions and is able to assist them in releasing the emotional layers covering their hearts.

In 2014 her life completely shifted in what you would call a profound enlightening experience. Since then and still opening further, her awareness expanded in such a way that she looked upon her deeply agitated human self from the perspective of her Higher Self - as if they were two and yet she KNEW they were ONE vibrational being. In this frequency she discovered that her source is but energy. Everything expressed in reality is created from this vibration.


other tidbits you may like to know about her

Emmanuelle was born and raised in France and resides in Germany with her husband of 20 years, their teenage daughter and her two cats. She has studied in the United States and holds a Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley. Her conventional work life (PR, sales and Human resources) took her to San Francisco, Montreal, Munich, Dresden and Bonn. She currently lives in Duesseldorf and refers to her household as "Tutti-Frutti" where French, German and English are equally spoken. 

“This first track is nothing short of miraculous. Working with the Higher heart in one of Emmanuelle’s meditations had a significant impact on my life. Her soothing voice calms the soul. Her vivid yet soft images ease the way. Her knowledge keeps your safe in your experience.
I have worked in the field of energy healing for over 20 years. Emmanuelle is a gem in the field. I whole heartedly endorse her work.”
— Pam Landolt, NY