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Ready to activate your Power of Attraction?


These tracks have proven to help you feel and experience the non physical part of you that creates your reality!


Each meditation is layered with high vibrations intended to bring your awareness to your power of attraction

To enable you to reach and connect to your place of power and knowing. 

 From there you will be able to identify and transmute the hidden energetic filters and imprints that are currently misguiding your creations, and break free from some of what is currently in the way of your desires.

I will lead you through these processes, step by step, one track at a time.

This is not a one time experience, you can listen to these tracks over and over again allowing for a deeper connection to self each time.


"I love following your voice and the way you explain basic knowledge which has never been clear to me before." 

Emmanuelle's tracks will take you through your life, from your childhood to your adulthood, triggering and shifting what needs to come to your awareness.  It does not matter if you have been on this journey for a long time like me, or if you are just at the beginning of your awakening, the infusion of light you receive is truly transformational and groundbreaking. 

Listening to the tracks multiple times has already changed my life:  I am so much more aware of my own energies and this awareness is literally changing the way I feel and think.  I no longer perceive my experiences the way I used to, I feel lighter, more joyful and with more love.

ADDED BENEFIT: I am stepping more and more into a place of knowing and the meditations bring me deeper and deeper into my healing process. 

-Karla Engemann, Germany

Hop on this journey if you are:


  •   Not getting anywhere and frustrated with your current life

  • Still stuck in old patterns although you have been there, done that

  • Confused and overwhelmed in spite of “working” on yourself

  • Tired of searching, pushing and trying to understand “the whole vibrational thing”

  • Feeling alone and unsupported on your journey

  • Unsure how to reach your core energy and connect with your higher self

And you would like:


  • Clarity on why your reality looks the way it does

  • Awareness of how hidden energy still shapes your reality

  • Knowledge on how to transmute and release energy blocks

  • Confirmation that you are a being with a Higher Mind and a Higher Self

  • Confidently connect to your knowing and to your truth

  • Freely navigate your vibrational world

  • More joy, abundance and love in your reality



To access the part of you that is source.

This is where your power lies: your all knowing, all loving self.

To become aware of your own energy.

No more blockage, learn to identify and transmute frequencies that no longer serve you.

To choose your vibration.

Time to create consciously and take charge of your life instead of creating on automatic pilot.

"I have reconnected with my innate power of creation" 

“I have been on this journey for a long time and have not been able to break free from lack. These recordings are transformational….It is extremely difficult for me to find the words that adequately express the revelation that these mp3 have brought me.  It is as if something clicked, something big. Little did I know it was right here ... inside of me... all along... now I understand and accept the vastness of my divinity"

- Henriette Chuffart, Montreal

When you grab my seven tracks here is what you'll get

Track One

Know yourself as a vibrational being

  • Open up total connection to source
  • Feel into your vibrational self
  • Know yourself as light

Track two

Opening your energetic pathways

  • Unclog your energetic pathways
  • Release fear
  • Remove filters holding beliefs

Track Three

Shift childhood's imprints

  • Open up to your creator self
  • Release childhood filters
  • Reclaim your I AM power

Track Four

Reclaim your authentic self

  • Free yourself from limitations
  • Release drama and trauma
  • Reclaim your divine self

Track Five 

Clear beliefs  from your lineage

  • Release your parents limitations
  • Clear beliefs of lack
  • Release your parents emotions

Track Six

Discover yourself in parallel realities

  • Meet more of your energetic self
  • Transmute energetic imprints
  • Navigate through space and time



Track Seven

Anchor yourself as a creator

  • Align with your higher mind
  • Anchor this new energy here
  • Maintain the connection

Ready to activate  your power of attraction?