Here is a peak at what some who have worked with Emmanuelle have to say

“Emmanuelle has given us our power back that we have denied for far too long…
No need for Gurus, ever!!!!!.... Once you decide to immerse yourself in Emmanuelle’s voice, the Light within her cracks your heart wide open and frees you from your self imposed shackles…I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Emmanuelle for years on my spiritual journey and I have seen and experienced much along the way…but she has discovered the key to true Wisdom and Love…where it has always been…in our very own hearts…This is the most powerful tool I have in my box now… and I am absolutely thrilled that this priceless vibrational memory is coming through Emmanuelle’s voice…her voice so beautifully introduced me to the dynamic power of who I truly am!!!...Thank you is not enough for what Emmanuelle is giving to us!!... Eternally Grateful”
— Deanna Medley, NC

Emmanuelle is such a wonderful soul, pure of heart and in full alignment with her intuition on the basis of which she successfully harmonized my energy field which as a result started to flow smoothly again. Thank you dear Emmanuelle from the bottom of my heart.”
— Nuri Akyol, Netherlands

Emmanuelle assisted me greatly and I found that she was able to tune into my energy field with ease along with her Higher Self and Spirit helpers. I was unaware of the time she would do this work, however I felt the clearing of an implant from my body at the exact time she tuned in. I would highly recommend her as she really offers genuine and high vibrational assistance to anyone guided to her work.
— Helen Boyd Newton, Australia

“I just listened to the first track and what a wonderful session of encouragement, love and wisdom. As if this was recorded just for me. I cannot wait to listen to the rest. Great Stuff Emmanuelle.
— Catherine A Herrewig, Virginia

“Emmanuelle, I just listened to your tracks. The energy that you transmit to hold the space is so incredibly powerful and loving all at the same time. I felt embrace by the energy while stepping into my higher self and connecting with the All there is. Thank you Thank you Thank you for being such a powerful conduit”
— Brigitte Sullivan, Florida

Dear Emmanuelle
I want to tell you what a big help it is listening to your mp3’s and how much it has shifted my life. I love following your voice and the way you explain basic knowledge which has never been clear to me before. Now I start to KNOW and then your meditation brings me deep, deep inot my inner healing process. My life is beginning to change. I feel lighter, more joyful and with more love. BIG thanks.
— Kara Engelman, Germany